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A Complete Cargo Fleet Management Solution

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LINUX Edition

Open Travel Software is providing the transportation/freight industry with a new management system a powerful, flexible tool designed specifically for small to medium sized companies. The Open Travel Software Freight Fleet Management System provides companies with a cost effective solution to their freight management needs. It is an efficient system and it is designed to provide an intuitive interface that is easy to use and easy to maintain.

Comprehensive Features

Comprehensive: All major management functions are included

Intuitive use: User Interface (UI) designed to support the business process

Cost: Exceptionally low cost

The system may be run both locally and over a network connection. Installation and customisation can be completed in minutes. There are no limitations to the number of users, the fleet size, invoices, or maintenance categories.

The Windows application will have a one-time cost of 49.99 USD. This cost includes all standard documentation.

Upon approval of the purchase, you will need to register with Open Travel Software. After registration we will send you an email to the address provided which will include the download URL. The download will include an extract file, and a user guide. The user guide is currently only available in English.

Application purchase will completed through Clickbank.